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  City: Afula  

Region: Golan & Galilee

Located in the lower Galilee region, Afula resides in the center of the spacious and fertile Jezreel Valley. Surrounding Afula to the north is the Galilee, to the south is the center of Israel, to the west is Haifa and to the east is Beit She'an and the Jordan Valley.
Driving Directions to Afula:
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Cities/Town Close By:  Akko, Beit SheanCaesarea, Nazareth, Nazareth Illit, Migdal HaEmek, Tiberias, Yoqne'am

Population: approx. 46,000 
 rolling hills and valleys
Modern Day History:  
Afula is a small city located in the Jezreel valley. The first Jewish settlers prior to the establishment of the state of Israel were new immigrants from Lithuania and Poland. In 1948, immigrants continued to arrive and were provided temporary housing.  Afula was given town status in 1972.  Since 1972, Afula has continued to grow, while absorbing thousands of immigrants from Ethiopia and FSU.

Growth in Afula continues today with emphaisis on providing quality services in the areas of education, culture, sports, social, immigrant absorption, building and development, employment, commerce and industry, welfare, health and religious services.

Afula actively promotes and supports vital economic investment projects for the development and welfare of its citizens. 

Since Afula is the only sizable city in the area, people from the nearby kibbutzim and moshavim come to Afula for services only found in larger cities such as health care clinics, dinning and shopping.

The local mall is in close proximity to the traditional shuk (marketplace). While the mall has all the conviences of a modern mall, the shuk is a lively place where you can still haggle over prices and find nice bargains.

Biblical History: Afula biblical origins are from the biblical Ofel, the hometown of Gideon mentioned in the book of Judges (chapters 6 - 8). Afula is also mentioned in the Book of Kings (2 Kings 5, 24) in connection with Elisha. 

Nearby Parks/Forests: Tel Megiddo National Park, Harod Spring National Park, Gan Hashlosha National Park (Sahne), Beit She'an National Park, Zippori National Park

Caves/Tunnels: Tel Megiddo National park 70-meter-long water tunnel. 

Shopping Malls: Haamakim Mall
Museums: Ein Harod's Mishkan L'Omanut Museum, The Museum of Pioneer Agricultural Settlements, The Farmers' Yard Museum
Theaters/Perfomance Centers:
 Afula Amphitheater, Hechal Hatarbut Auditorium. 
Things to Do Around Afula: Hiking, Discovery, There are many national parks and forests in the Jazreel Valley.
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Lodging:  There are many hotels and restaurants in Tiberias, which is a 30 minute drive. Closer by is Kibbutz Lavi (on Route 77).

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