June 26, 2019     23 Sivan 5779
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  City: Rehovot  

Region: Gush Dan / Coastal Areas
Location: Located about 20 kilometers south of Tel Aviv.

Driving Directions to Rehovot:
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Cities/Town Close By: AshdodAshkelon, Gedera, Lod, Nes Ziona, Modiin, Ramla, Rishon LeZion, Yavne.

Population: 114,000

Landscape: Flat (plain)
Modern Day History:
 Rehovot was declared an Israeli city in 1950, founded in 1890 by Polish Jews. The original founders planted vineyards, almond orchards and citrus groves. The founders named the city after the biblical city Rehoboth. Today it is one of the largest cities in Israel. 
Major technology companies, bio-technology companies, health institutes and organizations are located in Rehovot such as The Department of Agriculture of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Kaplan Hospital and the Weizmann Institute of Science.

During the early years of modern day Israel, Rehovot contributed to security of Israel as many original settlers were members of the Haganah and others the National Army Organization and others the "Lechi" Fighters for the Freedom of Israel.

Rehovot is know for storing arms and ammunition in hidden bunkers and buildings such as the Ayalon Institute that was used by Givati brigade during the War of Independence. The people of Rehovot fought in the War of Independence on all fronts. 
Biblical History:
Rehovot is located in the southern coastal plain of Israel. Biblically is it located on land that was known during the period of the Mishna and Talmud as Doron. During the Roman and Byzantine period was inhabited by the controlling conquerors of the time. 

Parks/Forests: Herzl (Hulda) Forest 
Shopping Malls: The Bilu Center, American City Mall, Rehovot Mall 
Museums: Clore Garden of Science, “Havayeda” – science centers, The Rehovot Municipal Art Gallery, Minkov Citrus Orchard Museum, Treasure Museum, Chaim Weizmann Museum, Ayalon Institute- secret underground bullet factory, Dondikov House, Beit Yad La'Banim  
Theaters/Perfomance Centers:
 Rehovot City Concert Hall

Festivals:  International Stone Sculpture Symposium, International Women's Film Festival
Things to Do:
 Museums, Shopping, Restaurants, The Shuk (Market), Gan Hamaginim
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