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  City: Rishon LeZion  

Region: Gush Dan / Coastal Areas
Located off of highway 4, south of Tel Aviv, north of Ashdod, Northwest of Kiryat Gat 

Driving Directions to Rishon LeZion: Highway 4, south of Tel Aviv
Cities/Town Close By: AshdodAshkelonBat Yam, Bnei Brak, Tel Aviv Jaffa, HolonRehovotRamat Gan, Ramat HaSharonYavne, Yehud.

Population: approx. 222,300  
 Mediteranian Sea Coastal
Modern Day History: 
Rishon LeZion is the fourth-largest city in Israel, located along the central Israeli coastal plain. Rishon was founded in 1882 by by Russian immigrants who acquired land south of Tel Aviv. Soon after other settlers joined to help build this new town.  Rishon LeZion, was one of the first settlements to be established in Israel. Baron Edmund de Rothschild who instrumental in contributing money and providing support for the early families, and sent experts to help with their agricultural problems that was very important for Rishon le-Zion to cultivate is prosperous vineyards, wine cellars and citrus groves. .

Rishon has a few tourist attractions that includes: a history museum, the Carmel Winery and Beit Yad LeBanim - the administrative center of Baron Rothschild. There is a mall, a modern concert hall and theatre (Heichal HaTarbut), and an amusement park; Superland.

Nearby Parks/Forests: Yarkon and Tel Afek National Park
Modern Day History Sites: Rishon's Museum, The Bereshit Exhibition, The First Hebrew School, The "Roots" Hall, The Musem Yard

Archelogical Sites/Tels: The Underground City, The Assyrian Castle, A Byzantine wine press
Shopping Malls: Rothschild Center, G One Center, G Two Center, Habeer Mall, Lev Rishon Mall, Migdaley Hair Mall, Arey Hof Mall, Shaar Rishon Mall, Gold Mall (Kanyon ha-Zahav), Midrachov
Museums: Rishon Lezion Museum, Rishon Museum - Bet Shalit, The Bereshit exhibition, The first Hebrew school, The "Roots" Hall, The Museum Yard.
Theaters/Perfomance Centers:
 concert hall, Amphitheatre, Heichal HaTarbut (Hall of Culture) 

Festivals:  Rishon LeZion Wine Festival, International Spring Festival Rishon LeZion
Things to Do:
Pubs, Carmel Winery, Beit Yad LeBanim, Superland Amusement park, The Great Synagogue, Great Well, Old Water Tower, and First Hebrew School, Zoo-“Hai-kef", Beach, Archeological Sites, Memorial Park
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Lodging: Many hotels and lodging options in neighboring city Tel Aviv.
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City Website:
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