June 16, 2019     13 Sivan 5779
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Fiddler on the Roof
The Cameri Theatre of Tel Aviv 
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"See it in Hebrew, Read it in English"
Three times a week The Cameri Theatre presents its most popular productions with screened simultaneous translation into English. 972-3-6061960 or 972-3-6060900

FIDDLER tells of the trials, the tribulations, the struggle for survival in a hostile environmnet of a small Jewish shtetl in Czarist Russia and of the conflicts between the generations of one Jewish family in that community, What apparently gives it its power are the core themes of the love and strength of their traditions and the deep need for compassion and peace between people,

Autumn Nights at the Old City
August 28 - October 30 - Mondays and Thursdays

The Old City of Jerusalem transforms itself from daytime to nighttime. Discover a fascinating Jerusalem through its special tales and sounds. 

Storytelling Tour - Free

Singing Tour - Free

Evening Performances - Free
August 28 - Baghdad to Cairo
August 28 - Luab Hamoud
September 1 - Alayev Family
September 1 - Dr. Jazz
September 4 - AndraLaMoussia
September 4 - Masala Ensemble

Tourist sites in the evening hours (mon - thur till 8:30pm) at special prices:
Old Yishuv Cour Museum
Alone on the Walls exhibition
The Burnt House
The Herodian Quarter
The Ramparts Walk
The Archaelogy Park Davidson Center
The Generations Center
City of David
The Tower of David Museum


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