July 19, 2019     16 Tammuz 5779
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  City: Dimona  

Region: Negev / South Area

Location: located in the Negev desert, 36 kilometres (22 mi) to the south of Beersheba and 35 kilometres (22 mi) west of the Dead Sea above the Arava valley in the Southern District of Israel.

Driving Directions to Dimona: From Be'er Sheva continue 36 kilometers on highway 25 and follow signs to Dimona.  From Highway 90 turn on highway 25 and follow signs to Dimona.
Cities/Town Close By:
Arad, Hatzerim, Be'er Sheva, Yerucham

Population: approx. 33,700
Modern Day: T
he city's population is currently around 33,00 making Dimona the third largest city in the Negev.  The city is near industrial workplaces close to the Dead Sea and textile shops.  Dimona is taking part in Israel's solar transformation. The Rotem Industrial Complex outside of the city has 100s of solar mirrors that focus the sun's rays on a tower that in turn heats a water boiler to create steam, turning a turbine to create electricity. 

Dimona is also the center in the Black Hebrews living in Israel with around 2,000 in Dimona.
Near by Parks/Forests: 
Tel Be'er Sheva National Park, Makhtesh Ramon, Visitors Center, Hai Ramon, Geological and Archaeological Park, Nahal Beersheva, Mamshit National Park, Ben-Gurion's Tomb National Park, Yatir Forest, Lahav Forest.

Museums: Museum of Fighting Glory in memory of David Mudrik
Festivals:  High School Student's Communication & Cinema Festival 
Things to Do:
Hiking, Biking, Discovery, Camel Farm
City Website: click here

Links of Interest: Coming Soon (links to other websites)

Places of Interest: Coming Soon (Tels, Forests, Parks, etc.)

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