June 26, 2019     23 Sivan 5779
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  City: Mizpe Ramon  

Region: Negev / South Area
Location: Located in the Negev region of Israel, some 85 km south of Beer Sheva

Driving Directions to Mizpe Ramon: Highway 40 passes through Mitzpe Ramon on its way from Beer Sheva to Eilat. 
Population: approx. 5,000
 Ramon Crater

Cities/Towns Nearby: Sde Boker
Modern Day:
  Mitzpe Ramon was originally founded in 1951 as a place for workers building the road to Eilat. Mitzpe Ramon, literally means Ramon Lookout, is a town in the Negev in southern Israel. It is situated on the northern ridge at an elevation of 2,400 feet (800 m.) overlooking a sizable crater that is 28 miles long and 5 miles wide, known as the Ramon Crater.  
Near by Parks/Forests: Makhtesh Ramon, Visitors Center, Hai Ramon, Geological and Archaeological Park, Ein Avdat National Park, Avdat National ParkBen-Gurion’s Tomb National Park
Museums: Geological Museum
Activities: Ramon Crater, The Ramon Airbase, The Wise Astronomy Observatory, jeep treking, llama and alpaca farm, Guide Horizon, The Albert Promenade, Bio Ramon Museum, Ramon desert tours, Desert Archery
Things to Do: Hiking, Biking, Rapeling, Discovery

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