April 23, 2019     18 Nisan 5779
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  City: Hebron  

Region: Negev / South Area

located in the south, 30 kilometers south of Jerusalem. 

Driving Directions:
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Cities/Town Close By:
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Population: approx. coming soon 
 coming soon
Modern Day:
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Biblical History:
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Near by Parks/Forests: coming soon

Modern Day History Sites: coming soon 
Caves: Cave of the Patriarchs

Biblical Sites/Tels: Cave of the Patriarchs
Shopping Malls: coming soon
Museums: The Hebron archaeological museum 
Theaters/Perfomance Centers:
 coming soon

Festivals:  coming soon 
Things to Do:
Discovery, Archeological Digs, Cave of the Patriarchs, Abraham's Well, Tombs of Abner ben Ner, Otniel ben Knaz, Ruth and Yishai, The Avraham Avinu neighborhood and Shul, The Menucha Rachel Slonim Ohel
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Lodging: click here

City Website: click here

City Map: click here

Links of Interest: Coming Soon (links to other websites)

Places of Interest: Coming Soon (Tels, Forests, Parks, etc.)

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