May 19, 2019     14 Iyyar 5779
Places To Tour in Israel
  The Jaffa Gate

Tour write-up by Chaim Friedman from LeChaimTours.

Jaffa Gate

The Jaffa Gate, one of eight gates in the Old City of Jerusalem, also known as David’s Gate, is a very old stone gateway to the magnificent Old City of Jerusalem. During Israel's War of Independence, Israeli forces fought in hope to connect the Jewish Quarter of the Old City with Israeli-held western Jerusalem by controlling the Jaffa Gate. During May of year 1948 the Israeli Hagganah launched an attack but were unsuccessful in obtaining the Jaffa Gate. Israeli forces were not able to gain control of the gate until the Six Day War which took place in 1967.
The Gate was originally used simply as a portal to the Jaffa Road. Today, as the westernmost of the gates, it is heavily used by pedestrians and vehicles most frequently as either an entrance to the Arab Marketplace, just inside the Jaffa Gate, or the Western Wall and its surroundings. Right outside the Jaffa Gate can be found the new Mamilla Outdoor Shopping Center.
Click here for a 3d jaffa gate virtual tour.

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