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   Derech Burma West

Derech Burma View

Derech Burma West: 15 km
Course Directions Courtesy of Chaim Wizman co-founder of the Beit Shemesh Running Club
(notes: This 15k trek is for good for biking, running or hiking. The participants should be physically fit and able to handle 15k. The terrain is rolling hills.)
This trek is one section of Burma Road that starts at Highway 38 and travels to Mitzpe Harel.
Derech Burma is one of the famous roads in modern day Israel for it's role during 1948 as a food supply line. An American soldier,  Micky Marcus, played a key role in building the "Burma Road". Without the winding dirt road there would have been no way to get supplies and food to the Jewish residents of Jerusalem since it bypassed the main road.  

The Burma road was a bypass road built almost overnight to circumvent Latrun and the hostile Arab villages which dominated the road to Jerusalem and prevented the supply of food to its Jewish residents. The trail is full of historical markers, picnic grounds and breathtaking views but it's not an easy course.
Drive to Mishtalat Pollack at the Western side of 38 just before highway 1 and park by the electrical station to the right side. Follow the red trail carefully (Derech Burma, there are many forks in the trail which encourage you to explore and get lost ) until Mitzpe Harel and turn around and come back.

As an alternative, if you have two drivers, one driver can leave their car at Mitzpe Harel for a one way 7.5k trek.
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