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Places To Tour in Israel - Off the Beaten Trail
     Nes Harim
Fun and Easy Family Trail at Nes Harim 
Nes Harim
By: Avi Eisen and Ben Levitas

If you are in the Beit Shemesh-Jerusalem area and just want to relax, maybe do a little hiking – the Nes Harim area is for you. Nes Harim is within the U.S. Independence park area, and is perfect for kids and families. There are various playgrounds and clean picnic areas around the Nes Harim, perfect for BBQ's, nature trails and relaxing. The definitive characteristics of the area are its beautiful natural surroundings - including many breathtaking forests and exquisite flowers.

If you or your kids are in the mood for hiking, there is a KKL-JNF visitor information center where cars can park to depart for hikes in the area of Nachal Katlav. At the center there are pamphlets containing historic and general information of the area and its surroundings, and a cafeteria (non-kosher) where bottled and packaged foods may be bought.

From the information center you can find 2 trails, one easy and short and one hard and long. The easy path has a rocky landscape, and is a very scenic 1.5 kilometers (just under a mile), about 20 minutes for young children, containing lots of fun, challenging terrain for kids. At the end of the trail you can rest on some rocks and snack before heading back to the parking lot.

The longer trail, very scenic with lots of fun along the way, will take a family 2 to 3 hours to hike from the visitor’s center down to Nachal Sorek. The best plan: Parking your car at Nachal Sorek and getting a ride back to the visitor’s center. Bring plenty of snacks and water.

How to Get There:

Nes Harim area is accessed from highway 3866. Highway 3866 can be reached by travelling through the Beit Shemesh Industrial area and turning right at the end onto highway 3855. Drive approx. ½ a kilometer until highway 3866 located on the left. Take highway 3866 for approx. 8 kilometres until you reach the Nes Harim area. (Or from Jerusalem you can via Ein Karem onto highway 386. Take 386 for approximately 10 kilometers until you reach an intersection where you can make a right turn onto 3866. Nes Harim is the area immediately after you turn onto 3866.)

Nacahl Sorek: You can drive to the area to park your car at the entrance of the Nachal Sorek trail by driving down highway 386 from 3866 for approximately 4 kilometers until you see a left turn onto a dirt path. Ask the guides at the information center for directions. A better plan is to go with 2 families so that you have a ride back to the information center after leaving one of your cars at the entrance to Nachal Sorek.

Read here what one hiker said about the longer trail:
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