May 19, 2019     14 Iyyar 5779
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  Ascent of Safed

Ascent of Safed Center

Ascent of Safed 
Ascent of Safed is a study center and inexpensive Jewish hostel in Tsfat. In addition to providing clean and comfortable sleeping facilities, they provide daily activities including workshops and classes on Jewish mysticism, music, art, hikes and tours (and more!) to introduce a person to the beauty and magic of Tsfat. Located in Tsfat's old city, with breathtaking views of Wadi Amud and Meron, Ascent also has a massive lending library, screening room, an exhibit on Kabbala, kabbalistic art, free internet, a tea garden and gift shop and free coffee and tea. Open 7 days a week, 12 months a year, Ascent can be your portal to experiencing Tsfat and the Galil. Shabbat at Ascent is one of our most popular activities. Visitors can meet local families, pray and walk in the footsteps of the ancients, as the sun sets over the beautiful mountain view.
Click here to visit Ascent of Safed website.
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