July 19, 2019     16 Tammuz 5779
Places To Tour in Israel - Off the Beaten Trail
    Judean Hills - Ein Chindack

Tour write-up by Chaim Friedman from LeChaimTours.  www.LeChaimTours.com


Judean Hills - Ein Chindack
Seeking a water tunnel to cool off in?

Ein Chindack could be exactly what you are seeking.

This popular spring is located within the Jerusalem hills, on the National Israel Trail route, (which is the 960 km. walking trail from Tel Dan in the north down to the Eilat area in the South.)

This spring has two tunnels. These tunnels were chiseled out of the stone many centuries ago to reach the water source. Each one about 30 meters in length.

Choose your wetness level. The left tunnel is about a half meter deep. The right tunnel is over a meter deep. I particularly like the right tunnel because midway there is a hole above you where buckets were once lowered to the water and the sunlight coming through this hole creates a magical water walk experience.

Like many springs in the Judean Hills, the water was used for agriculture. Since the 2nd temple period (about 2300 years ago) this area was inhabited by farmers. The water from the spring was channeled into cisterns and then used to irrigate the fields and terraces outside.

And if you visit during August, you will be intoxicated by the ripening figs surrounding the springs . For some reason, fig trees here like to grow near caves. Try to disregard the swarm of flies attracted to the figs…

Access to this spring is by a 15 minute hike (downhill) from the entrance of Moshav Even Sapir (near Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital), or via a beautiful path from the other direction, a 2 km/50 minute walk/hike beginning from the Lower Sataf Parking area (on Route 386).

Always bring water shoes when walking in water tunnels. Bare feet and rocks don’t get along too well. 

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