July 19, 2019     16 Tammuz 5779
Places To Tour in Israel - Off the Beaten Trail
     Luzit Caves

Tour write-up by Chaim Friedman from LeChaimTours.  www.LeChaimTours.com

Luzit Caves

The shfeila region is home to many caves and tunnels, since the limestone is this area is soft and easy to excavate.

Among these caves are "bell caves" which are former quarries. The caves are a network of underground connected dome shapes caverns with a hole in the center at the surface level. They were dug during the Roman, Byzantine, and early Arab periods. (3rd-10th century CE). Note the shape of the structurally sound dome and the chisel markings on the walls.

At times, adventure companies come here offering rappelling into the caves. Since there are many "holes" in the ceiling you must be VERY careful when you are up on top.

Large beautiful bell caves can also be found in the Bet Guvrin National Park, but the caves near Moshav Luzit are open to the public 24/7. If you do go up to the ground level on top of the caves, please observe the fences and the warning signs. There are many open pits in the area. Stay on the trails.

How to get there: From Route 38 (southbound) make a right turn onto route 353 (towards Leon, Agur). When you arrive at Agur, make a sharp left towards Luzit. When you arrive at the Luzit intersection make a left turn (south) onto a dirt road. Drive carefully for 700 meters up the dirt road and park in the parking area. On you left are trail markers leading into the cave system. Although some daylight enter the caves via the holes in the center, bring a flashlight for the darker areas. And if you have a wide angle lens for your camera – bring it too.

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