June 16, 2019     13 Sivan 5779
Places To Visit and Tour Israel - Chanuka Event
  Chanukah at the Tower of David Museum

Puppet Theater

Chanukah at the Tower of David Museum

Miracles and Wonders at the Tower of David Museum

Secrets of the Maccabees!
A theatrical tour that takes you all through the citadel where you can play games and riddles, meet the "Maccabees" and conclude with an Origami workshop with artist Jonathan Fielkof.

Puppet Theater
Puppet Theater presenting "Little Red Riding Hood" with puppeteer Liat Shukrun

The Kiaser is Coming
A guided tour for adults in the exhibition "The Kiaser is Coming!"

Monday – Thursday, December 10 – 13, starting at 10:30 am
For families with children aged 5 – 10.
All activities are in Hebrew.

Price for Tour and Origami Workshop: 40 NIS – Child, 30 NIS – Adult
Price for the puppet theater: 40 NIS – child, 40 NIS – adult
Price for all the activities: 70 NIS – child, 60 NIS - adult

Pre-registration: 02-6265333, *2884.

Little Red Riding Hood
The familiar legend gets a new life here. Little Red Riding Hood, wants to grow up already. Equipped with a basket and her courage, she goes to Grandma's house – but what adventures await her? Even though everyone (except Red Riding Hood herself) already knows, in this new rendering everything happens in a surprisingly refreshing and entertaining manner

FYI: The theatre performance will take place in a hall that is only accessible by a stairway. No elevator access. With the support of the Israel Puppet Center

Will the Sun Rise Tomorrow?
Guided tour in the Old City with Night Spectacular as an additional option!

Explore the idea of light in ancient myths, or pure light and the expulsion of darkness and the comparison of the holiday of Chanukah with other holidays of light and darkness in other cultures. The primal fear that the long night will last forever created rituals, light festivals and prayers that promise the return of the sun!

During Chanukah week, you can tour the alleys of Jerusalem's Old City and learn about the myths of ancient cultures ant emphasize light, fire, sun and rebirth during this time of the year while gazing at the menorahs in the homes of the Old City and exploring the holiness of lights in different cultures.

The tour will begin at the Tower of David and pass through the streets, houses, courtyards, towers and sacred buildings of the Old City that glow in the special night light of Jerusalem. It will conclude with an (optional) viewing of the Night Spectacular at the tower of David, a sound and light production which itself is a celebration of light and color that illuminates the night sky and the walls of Jerusalem's ancient citadel.

The tour is in Hebrew.
The tour begins at 17:00, Thursday December 13, 2012

Tour only: Adults – 60 NIS, Senior/student: 50 NIS
Tour and Night Spectacular: Adults: 100 NIS Senior/student: 90 NIS
Advance registration required: 02 6265333 / *2884 
Click here to visit the Tower of David Website.

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