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Places To Visit and Tour Israel - Chanuka Event
  Chanukah in Safed


Chanukah in Safed
Tzfat is a popular Chanukah venue for tourists, both for individuals and families, who will find a mix of cultural, spiritual and physical activities in the area.
Israel Extreme
Israel Extreme offers a series of rappelling adventures in the Safed area. The Tzfat-based adventure-tourism group gears the excursions to adults and children who are over the age of five. 
1.       Participants can test out an extreme rope swing Tarzan-style as they jump and fly throughout the air at the Alma Cave Horizontal Rope Swing. Following the rope swing participants rappel safely back at the landing. The activity is offered on the 3rd day of Chanuka, Tuesday, December 11th. The group will leave Tzfat at 13:00 PM. Cost is 250 shekels per person, including transportation from Safed to Alma and back. (or 190 shekels per person without transportation)
2.       Rappelling in the Dalton Cliff in the Biryah Forest offers a great adventure with amazing views of the Hula Valley, Golan Heights, Mount Hermon and the Eastern Galilee. Dalton Cliff rappelling is scheduled for the third day of Chanukah, Tuesday, December 11th, leaving Tzfat at 8:30 AM. 190  shekels per person, which includes transportation from Tzfat to Dalton and back. (130 shekels per person without transportation.)
3.       The Keshet cave in the Western Galilee allows rappelling off the mammoth natural stone arch which bridges the surrounding mountains. As participants sail through the air they can observe amazing panoramic views of the Western Galilee and the Mediterranean Sea. Keshet was once a real cave whose ceiling collapsed thousands of years ago. The remaining arch gives the site its name. Rappellers hike back up the mountain (25 minutes) using cables, frequently accompanied by local mountain goats. The Keshet cave experience takes place on the 4th day of Chanukah, Wednesday, December 12th, leaving Tzfat at 8:30 a.m. 250 shekels per person which includes transportation (150 shekels per person without transportation included.)
Israel Extreme asks that interested people register at least a day in advance. The activities are not suitable for children under five, but everyone else will have a memorable experience! Reserve at  052-720-8646 or email: info@israelextreme.com
Cheese dishes are a traditional Chanukah delicacy and Tzfat's dairies enable visitors to wander in and watch the process of preparing the cheeses. According to Jewish tradition Judith, a young maiden from the city of Bethulia, enticed the Hellenistic general Holofernes with cheese dishes. When he fell asleep she cut off his head and brought it back to her city to rally the resistance. To commemorate her act many people add cheese dishes to their Chanukah menu. Two cheese-making dairies in Safed invite visitors to observe the cheese-making process and sample some of the goats and sheep milk products.
1.       The HaMeiri Dairy makes sheep milk cheeses from free-range sheep who nibble on the herbs and plants of the Safed mountainside and are milked to the strains of soothing music, all of which, the owners explain, contribute to the delicate texture and exquisite taste of their cheeses. On HaAri Street near Kiryat Breslev. Call to ascertain the hours when they are actually producing the cheeses. (052) 372-1609 
2.       The Kadosh Dairy was established by 19th century immigrants from Morocco who walked to Tzfat by foot. They make sheep and goats cheeses, ice cream, olives and labane (a salty-sour dish with the consistency of yogurt). Call them to find out when they're making the cheeses. (04) 692-0326
Shvil HaLev
The Shvil HaLev Path of the Heart invites groups, families and individuals to join their nightly walks through the Old Jewish Quarter to see the menorahs which are displayed in windows and doorways throughout the city. A Chanukah candle-lighting ceremony and Chanukah songs, together with story-telling about Jewish and Tzfat legends complete the evening activity. Meir at 050-7505695
1.       The Ascent Institute all visitors to join them for fun evenings of Chanukah activities. These nighttime activities are scheduled for Sunday Dec 9th, Monday Dec 10th, Tuesday Dec 11th and Wednesday Dec 12th. The events include musical candle-lighting ceremonies, art workshops, a tour of the Old City with the menorahs displayed throughout the city in people's windows and outside their doors, meditation sessions, doughnut making and volunteering. The Ascent hostel offers accommodations according to availability. 100 per person includes accommodations. 15% discount for online registration.  
2.       Two seminar weekends, one on the Friday-Saturday weekend of the first Chanukah candle (lit on Saturday night, December 8, 2012) and the 2nd on the Friday-Saturday weekend of the 7th Chanukah candle (December 14-15). Each seminar includes a walking tour of Tzfat, hikes in the Galilee, live music and jam sessions, Kabbalah workshops, meditation sessions and Shabbat hospitality as well as night-time candle-lighting ceremonies. The seminars are subsidized and open to Jewish people who are exploring their Jewish heritage. It is also possible to join in for individual classes or activities. 
Khan of the White Donkey
The Khan of the White Donkey invites everyone to join their special Chanukah show on Thursday night, December 13, 2012. Jah Bless and his high-energy band will be performing. Jah Bless is a popular Israeli artist whose music gives Roots Reggae a Jewish twist. Tickets are 50 shekels. Food and drinks are available at the bar/restaurant. The Khan is located at the edge of the Artists Quarter, near the General Exhibition hall.
Kabbalah Center
The International Center of Tzfat Kabbalah, a center of traditional Tzfat-based Kabbalah studies and experiences, operates nightly Chanukah Lights tours of the Old City where people can learn more about the history of Tzfat, its connection to Kabbalah and Chanukah traditions as they view the variations of Chanukah lighting customs as evidenced by the menorahs which are placed in people's windows and outside their doorways. A movie about Tzfat Kabbalah and Klezmer music complete the tour.
Sheva Chaya Glassblowing
The Sheva Chaya gallery presents the ancient art of glassblowing as practiced by a Hassidic artist. Sheva Chaya describes the Hassidic inspirations that motivate her. There are also a wide range of individually-crafted items including "chanukiyot" -- menorahs -- and dreidels. Call to make an appointment to see the glassblowing. 7alive@gmail.com  or 0587147640
Every morning during Chanukah the Hallel prayer of Thanksgiving is recited. Safed's Carlebach synagogues, Beirav and the House of Love and Prayer feature Hallel with musical instruments, singing and dancing. Carlebach musical Hallel is an engaging experience that is enjoyable for people of many different Jewish backgrounds and affiliations. Both synagogues invite guests to bring their musical instruments to the Hallel which generally begin about 8:30a.m..
Play 'n Clay and Pottery Shop
The Play 'n Clay Pottery Shop offers a fun ceramics workshop for people of all ages. The experience involves creating clay objects such as menorahs, dreidels or any other desired item and includes a turn on the pottery wheel. Great for all ages. By appointment. (052)344-5019
In the Quiet Space
In the Quiet Spacepresents a spiritual-behavioral approach to "MicroCalming," in which participants learn a  unique conditioned relaxation technique. The ITQS Hanukah Workshop, entitled "An Experience of Quiet and Light” allows participants to experience inner quiet that enables them to function while appreciating the light which illuminates their path to the Blessings of the inner light. The workshop is suitable for individuals or families with children of any age. Peter 054-4957528 
Public Candle-Lighting Ceremonies
The Safed municipality invites the public and guests to join in with public candle-lighting ceremonies. More information may be obtained at 1-800-800-106.
The ceremonies:
1.       Young Chabad conducts public candle-lighting ceremonies each night of chanukah on Jerusalem Street (main commercial street), near Bank HaPoalim
2.       Monday night December 10th 2012, on 3rd night of Chanukah at Tzfat College, Jerusalem Street, 17:00
3.       Tuesday night December 11th 2012,  4th night of Chanukah
a.        Mercaz HaTzirim, HaNasi Street at 17:00
b.       Saraya/Wolfson Center at 18:30 with youth organizations of Tzfat
4.       Wednesday night December 12th 2012, 5th night of Chanukah
a.        Bloom Community Center, 15:30 with the Moadon Erez for the Akim sheltered living
b.       Yigal Alon Center 17:00 with Retirees
c.        Khan of the White Donkey at 19:00
5.       Thursday night December 13th 2012 at the Absorption Center Meron/Canaan (17:00) -- next to the police station on Mt. Canaan with new Ethiopian immigrants

 For additional information contact laurierappeport@gmail.com.
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