April 23, 2019     18 Nisan 5779
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  House of the Scribe

House of the Scribe

House of the Scribe -  Beit Ha’sofer
In memory of Prof. Eliezer Lipa Sokenik

“The House of the Scribe” reopens its doors and presents:

The Judean Desert Sect Experience
We invite you to a ten thousand year old journey of human existence in the barren wastelands of the Judean Desert.

A fascinating tour that follows the stories of individual people and their communities, learning through hands-on experience about the historical attempt to live on this desolate land. 
As it is said in the Bible about the Dead Sea: "The seeds will be burnt in the ground, and if not they shall not flourish, and even if they shall bear fruit – the fruit will be salty…”

And yet, since the early days of civilization, man has lived here!

The tour includes:
  • The Sect of the Judean Desert – the Essenes. The unique story of a small Jewish sect that lived a communal life in the desert over 2000 years ago:
    • The “House of the Scribe” exhibits a unique reconstruction of the world known Dead Sea Scrolls.
    • An exclusive presentation regarding the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Desert home - is run by a group of young dynamic guides, all with vast experience working with local and international groups.
  • There is an option to diverse and broaden the topics according to the request of the group

Come discover a fascinating story of life - the land of kings and rebels, breathtaking primal landscape.

All this and more, in the lowest place on earth!

For more details:
Email: hana@almog.org.il  
Tel: 02-9945201
Almog Holiday Village - hv@almog.org.il 

Click here to visit the House of the Scribe Website.


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