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  Toister Farm - The Olive Oil Legacy

The Toister Farm

Toister Farm - The Olive Oil Legacy 
The Toister Farm is situated in the south of the Golan Heights. It's a long line family-project of the production of fine olive-oil. The visitors' center is a place of passing on the family olive-oil tradition, which has begun in 1890 in Ein-Zeitim, near Zafat.

The knowledge and experience of growing the finest of the Israeli olives have passed from generation to generation. In 1972 the farm has been moved to Givat Yoav, and now thousands of olive trees are now grown on the Golan soil under the supervision of Eliezer Toister.

The visit brings to you a warm Toscanic atmosphere together with a tour of the oil production factory, an explanation of the growth process, the production process itself and the preservation of the oil according to the best tradition. A short documentary film of the family and the production process can be watched, in Hebrew or English.

Toward the end of the tour a taste of the various kinds of olive-oil is possible, with pleasant background music and good coffee.

One can purchase olive-oil and other quality products made from olive-oil and honey.

The visit lasts one hour.

One can order in advance coffee, herb-tea and cookies.

Open hours:
Sunday-Friday, between 10:00 – 18:00.

For More Information:
Tel. 04-6763403
Mobile phones: 052-8700553 052-3261767

Click here to visit the Toister Farm Website.

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