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  The Israeli Center for Digital Art

The Israeli Center for Digital Art

The Israeli Center for Digital Art 
The Israeli Center for Digital Art is a center for contemporary art located in Holon’s Jessy Cohen neighborhood. The Center provides contact points between art, society, and technology in order to reformulate the boundaries and interaction between them.
The Center promotes research, thought, production, and presentation with the aim of stimulating active civil discourse, building partnerships, and creating tools whereby contemporary art can take part in the society in which it takes place.
As a space for public art, the Center constantly questions the place of art institutions in the society in which they operate, and raises political and social issues for debate. The Center initiates partnerships and collaborations with artists, theorists, writers, curators, and other institutions in Israel and around the world with the aim of exploring how creative communities from different geographical peripheries can connect, learn from one another, and breach international or inter-regional borders.
In 2012, eleven years after its establishment, the Center moved to its new home in Holon’s Jessie Cohen neighborhood. This move constituted a direct continuation of projects run by the Center in the neighborhood during the two years that preceded the move, and which focused on art and social practice in the community.
The move to the neighborhood was attended by the establishment of a new technology lab at the Center. The FabLab (fabrication laboratory) enables its users to plan, design, develop, and produce an unlimited variety of objects and machines.
The establishment of the FabLab coupled with the move to the Jessy Cohen Neighborhood constitutes an opportunity to create a new and unique complex that enables its users to focus, develop, and research the relationship between art, society, and technology. It invites audiences from different fields and backgrounds to actively participate in artistic creation and research, and to establish frameworks for collaboration and involvement between artists, the community, technologists, and others.
The Center focuses on six main spheres of activity: Theme exhibitions and various projects shown throughout the year in the exhibition spaces; a large video archive that is open to the general public; FabLab, which holds ongoing activities for adults and youth; an international residency program for artists; publications and catalogues; and an extensive education program attending the Center’s activities, and which is designed for adults, youth, and children.
The Center has gained considerable local and international recognition, and collaborates with leading art organizations and events in Israel and around the world. The Center has won numerous awards and mentions, including by Artists Initiative and Best Art Practices. Its activity is supported by the Municipality of Holon, the Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport Culture Administration, and Israeli and other foundations such as the Beracha Foundation, Mifal Hapayis, the European Union, and the European Cultural Foundation.

Opening Hours:
Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 4 - 8 pm
Thursdays: 10 am - 2 pm
Fridays and Saturdays: 10 am - 3 pm

Admission is free to all exhibitions and events unless otherwise noted.
Admission fee is required for guided tours.

4 Ha'Amoraim Street, P.O Box 317 Holon 5810202

Public Transportation:
Egged: 126, 171
Dan: 72, 129
Railway Station: Bat-Yam Komemyyiut

Contact Information:
Tel. 972-3-5568792
Email: info@digitalartlab.org.il 

Click here to visit the Israeli Center for Digital Art Website.

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