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  The "Khan" Museum of Hadera

The "Khan" Museum

The "Khan" Museum
The "Khan" Museum of Hadera is located at the K'han National Site, in the historic center of the city. The remains of the impressive sandstone k'han building was originally an Ottoman farmstead, dating from the mid 1800's.
The K'han, together with the surrounding lands which make up the city of Hadera, was purchased in 1890 by four Zionist organizations [Lovers of Zion] from Eastern Europe .For six years, it served as temporary living quarters for Hadera's first settlers, whose endurance at this malaria infested area, became a national symbol of survival .
Eleven rooms of the original K'han building that remain today, house the city historical archive, as well as displays narrating the history of Hadera. The exhibits vividly depict seven decades of Hadera, from its birth in 1891 as a village of farmers up to its early urban phase.
The core of the museum's message are people, therefore each and every aspect of the history of Hadera, is viewed through the eyes of generations of its citizen. Their stories are devotedly documented, preserved and presented by the museum staff,.
The year 2012 marks the "Khan" museum's 30th anniversary . It was initiated , built and developed by a local volunteer society, which runs it today, with the support of the Hadera municipality.
Open hours:
Sun-Thurs: 8:00-14:00
Tues, Thurs: Also 16:00-18:00
Friday: 9:00 - 12:00

Group tours should be booked in advance.
For more information:
Tel:972-4-632-4562, 972-4-632-2330

Click here to visit the "Khan" Museum Website.

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