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  City: Acre/Akko  

Region: Golan & Galilee
Location: It is north of Haifa on the Mediterranean coast.

Driving Directions to Akko: 
North of Haifa off of highway 4 or ten minutes south of Nahariya off of highway 4.
Cities/Town Close By:
Peki’in, Haifa, Nazareth, Nazareth Illit, Migdal HaEmek, Ma’alot, Nahariya, Rosh Hanikra

Population: approximately 46,000 
 Penisula on the Mediterranean coast
Modern Day History:  
The city of Acre also know as Akko - is a famous for it ancient port city. It also contains a tunnel leading to a 13th century fortress and the largest prison during the British Mandate (museum). There are many archeological excavations in progress. Acre has a high proportion of non-Jews (Arab and Druze) approximately 25%.

History:  Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Marco Polo are mentioned as some of the giants in history that visited this ancient sea-port city.
During biblical times the city was under Canaanite control. During the Roman period was a very important harbor and trade city although it was overshadowed by Caesarea. After nature changed landscapes in the 7th century, Caesarea became less important with muddied coastline. Acre took a more dominant position as the major port in the region.

Acre developed into an important trade route after the Crusaders took control in the 12th and 13th centuries,  The Crusaders expanded the city and enclosed it with huge walls and towers.  From 1191 to 1291 Acre was the capital of the Crusader kingdom and took on international status. 

In the 18th century, Acre was a major city that became famous when Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated in trying to siege Acre.  His plan was to use this as a steping stone to conquer India as a French colony.  Instead the English conquered Acco and became part of the Brittish colony. 
Parks and Forests:
 Ancient City of Acre. Museum of Brittish period prison.
Tunnel to 13th century fortress.
Shopping Malls: None
Museums: Museum of the Underground Prisoners, The Okashi Museum, Hamam al Basha (the Turkish Bath) , Knights Banqueting Halls
Theaters/Perfomance Centers:
 Acco Theater

Festivals:  Akko Festival of Alternative Israeli Theater 
Things to Do:
Archeological excavations, discovery, impressive walls, buildings, fortresses and strongholds, tunnel of the Templars, take a boat ride around the walls of the old city
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Visitors Center: 1-700-70-80-20 

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