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  City: Tiberias  

Region: Golan & Galilee
Location: Western shore of the Sea of Galilee, Lower Galilee, Israel. 

Driving Directions to Tiberias:  From the south take highway 65 north to highway 77 east. From Beit Shean take highway 90 north. From the north take highway 90 south.
Cities/Town Close By: Afula, AkkoBeit Shean, Kiryat Shmoneh, Nazareth, Nazareth Illit, Safed

Population: approx. 40,000 
 Tiberias is located adjacent to the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) with mountainous landscape sorounding the city.
Modern Day:
Tiberias was founded under the British mandate in 1922 and became part of independent Israel in 1948.  Today Tiberias is a major tourist area with many attractions and water activiites.  Tiberias is also home to the Annual Tiberias marathon, the longest running full marathon is Israel that attracts numerous world elite marathon runners each year from Kenya and Ethopia.
Herod Antipas named Tiberias for the Roman emperor Tiberius. After the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans CE 70, it became a center of Jewish learning and later the seat of the Sanhedrin and rabbinical schools.

After the destruction of the second temple, the Sanhedrin relocated to Tiberias.  Tiberias was an important spiritual center in the Mishnaic and Talmudic period. The Mishna was completed in Tiberias in 200 C.E. under the supervision of Rabbi Yehuda Ha-Nasi. The Jerusalem Talmud was completed in 400 C.E. 
Historic sites include the tomb of the great Jewish scholar Moses Maimonides.
His tomb is on Ben Zakkai Street, a short distance from the town center. The street's namesake, Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai, is also believed to be buried nearby. Another great Jewish scholar, Rabbi Akiva, is buried in Tiberias.
A Samaritan center existed in Tiberias in the middle of the 4th century. The Crusaders later captured the city and made it the capital of the Galilee, but Saladin retook the city for the Muslim Empire in 1187. The city suffered a decline until it was revived by the Ottoman Turks. After the city was built up over a period of about a century, it was devastated by an earthquake in 1837. 
Parks/Forests: Hamat Tiberias National Park, Beit She'an National Park,
Cochav Hayarden National ParkGan Hashlosha National Park (Sahne),   Korazim National Park, Hula Nature Reserve, Kursi National Park

Biblical Sites/Tels: coming soon
Shopping: Tiberias Mall, Tiberias Central Bus Station 
Museums: Man in the Galilee Museum - Yigal Allon Centre, The Synagogue at Chamat Tiberias, Korazim ancient site, Dona Gracia's House
Festivals:  Tiberias Marathon, Jacob's Ladder Folk Music FestivalJacob's Ladder Winter Weekend

Attractions:  Gai Beach Water Park, Natural Juices Factory in Keshet

Holy Grave Sites: Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes, Rabbi Akiva, Ramhal, Rabbi Hia, The Graves of the Mothers, The Rambam, Rabbi Maimon Ben Yosef, Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zackai, Rabbi Jerimaya
Things to Do:
Hiking, Biking, Shopping, Swimming, Archeological ExcavationsWater Activities, Spa
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