July 15, 2019     12 Tammuz 5779
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  City: Dead Sea  

Region: Negev / South Area 
Location: Dead Sea 

Driving Directions to the Dead Sea: An hour drive from Jerusalem along highway 1. The alternative is to travel from Tel Aviv to Arad (145k) and then drive down the 30 km serpentine mountain road from Arad to the region's heart of Ein Bokek/Neve Zohar.
Cities/Town Close By: Arad, Dimona, Ein Bokek, Neve Zohar, Ein Gedi,

Population: approx. 25,000 
 Dead Sea, Desert
Modern Day: T
he Dead Sea area has been built up as a major tourist area with many hotels, spas and sites.

Biblical History:
Visitors of the Dead Sea and its surroundings include King David and King Herod. The prophets knew it via the infamous Sodom and Gomorra. In Roman times the Essenes settled in Qumran on the Dead Sea's northern shore as a place to on the heights of Masada a small group of rebellious Jewish zealots held out against the might of the Roman Legion. 
Near by Parks/Forests:  Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, Ein Gedi Antiquities National Park, Ein Bokek, Einot Zukim Nature Reserve, Massada Sound and light show, Qumran National Park

Festivals:  Ein Gedi International MarathonHatamar FestivalFestival of Mountain Bikes Race 
Things to Do:
Hiking, Biking, Discovery, Mt. Sodom, Metzoke Dragot, Ancient Monasteries, Ancient fortress ruins, Flour Cave, Massada, Ein Gedi, Desert Safari & Adventure, SpasExcursion Organizers & Active Vacationing(15 different Jeep/Bike tours), Desert, Agriculture & Art Tourism, Ahava Visitors Center, Ein Gedi Botanical Gardens, Massada Sound and Light Show, Zohar Fortress and Canyon, Atraktzia Water Park
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