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  Archaeological Museum "Beit Miriam"

Archaeological Museum "Beit Miriam"

Archaeological Museum "Beit Miriam"
The archaeological museum "Beit Miriam" in Palmachim, is situated on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The unique artifacts on display in the museum tell the story of ancient cultures which settled in the area, and artifacts which were fished from the sea reveal the relationship between man and sea and help our understanding of naval routes and commerce in the Mediterranean Sea in ancient times.

The archaeological display includes artifacts from prehistoric times up to the Early Arabic Period. They include giant clay vessels (pithoi) and a mosaic floor from the Byzantine Period, vessels and coins from various periods, and inscriptions in Hebrew, Greek and Arabic.

In the wing named "The Yielding Sea" are revealed combined exhibits of marine archaeology and ecology.

The archaeological finds include artifacts used by seafarers during their voyages and while weighing anchor in the port of Yavneh-Yam (Jamnia on Sea). The collection of ancient anchors reflects the development of naval vessels and commerce over a period of five thousand years.

The ecological presentation emphasizes the involvement of humanity in its marine environment. It presents its beautiful, ugly and the recycled aspects and teaches us to preserve the treasures of the past and our vulnerable environment for future generations.

In addition, guided tours to nearby archaeological sites and to the rocky seashore, rich in seashells, conches, and marine plants, are available by appointment. 

Open hours:
Sun- Thurs   8:00-14:00
For more information:
Tel: 03-9538281
Fax: 03-9528966
Email: bet_miriam@palmachim.org.il  

Click here to visit the Beit Miriam Website

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