July 15, 2019     12 Tammuz 5779
From the desk of the co-creators of the Go Visit Israel website www.govisitisrael.com.

Welcome to our website Go Visit Israel that was launched in the summer of 2008.  We thought that our website Go Visit Israel would be an interesting and useful website for people visiting Israel to be able to quickly find Places to Tour in Israel, Places to Visit, Places to Eat, Places to Stay and Places to Volunteer. 
While we launched the Go Visit Israel website August 1, 2008, we continue to add new links and content for places to tour in Israel and places to visit, eat, stay and volunteer in Israel. 

We would be happy for you to link to our website from you blog page or website as so many others have done already and for you to send our website link to all your friends and contacts.  
We would love to hear your comments about our website. You can send me an email at ari@govisitisrael.com  

All the best,
Co-Creator of

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