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  First Aliyah Museum in Zichron Yaakov

First Aliyah Museum

First Aliyah Museum in Zichron Yaakov,
in memory of Moshe & Sara Arisohn
The First Aliyah Museum, which opened in 1999, is located in the quaint tourist town of Zichron Ya’akov, and recounts the journey of the pioneers who came to Eretz Yisrael during the First Aliyah, 1882-1903.

The three-story museum, which sees 25,000 visitors annually, represents all 28 colonies (moshavot) across the country, some of them are now big cities in Israel: Rishon LeZion, Petah Tikva, Rehovot, Hadera, to name just a few.

--- Accompanying them on their Journey ---

Although there has been a constant presence of Jews in the land of Israel for over three millennia, the people of the First Aliyah (1882 to 1903) were the courageous pioneers of the Diaspora who turned
dreams into actions. They left their places of birth (Romania, Russia, Yemen) and faced the grueling challenges of transforming the desolate land into a viable ecosphere. These dedicated families and
individuals, and the infrastructure they laid out in 28 settlements, made possible the subsequent Aliyot – the return of the Jewish people to the land that has been the subject of their prayers since the exile of the second Temple period.

Aliyah means ascent, and this term is still used today to refer to the process of immigrating to the land of Israel.

--- Exhibits ---

The tour begins with a portrait collage of the early settlers of Zichron Ya’akov who worked the land despite all odds, paving the way for a flourishing town.
Ground Floor: Harbingers of Zionism - The Ascent to the Land - The First Year - Crises and Disease.
The videos interspersed among the exhibits tell you the story of one immigrant family – and the joys, anguish and outcomes of their experience. The family encounters one hardship after another as their dedication to the goal of building the Land is tested. The environmental, social and economic challengesall take their tolls.

1st Floor: Reincarnations over Time: survey of the Administration Building u Retrooms

2nd Floor: Establishment of the settlements - Support by Baron Rothschild - Agricultural and Industrial Initiatives - Confrontation and conflict with the Baron’s men - The second wave of Aliyah and the expansion of the settlement movement -Baron Hirsch and the JCA - Herzl - Revival of the Hebrew language and the early days of Hebrew education.

Alongside the videos you can observe a set of clay-figurine scenes created by Ora Rosenzweig, as a memoir of her childhood here in Zichron Ya’akov.

 In the Arison Family room, images of the family embellish the walls, and Hebrew newspapers from the 19th century are available for browsing.

3rd Floor: In the concluding portion of the video series, Shmuel and Miriam’s descendants relate the rest of the story, intertwining personal events with the unfolding history of the State of Israel. Rare footage from documentaries filmed between 1913 and 1948 is included to help you connect to the sentiments of that era.

Lower Level: Temporary exhibits - Period costumes to try on!

--- A Multi-Purpose Building --- The story of our Building

Constructed in 1893 by the Baron’s emissaries, the building originally served as an Administration Building. It was one of the most impressive and prestigious buildings in the land, and the Baron and his wife themselves would reside on the top floor during visits to the area.

 In 1903, the National Hebrew Teachers’ Alliance was established at a convention here. In addition, it was in this buildingthat Herzl ‘s Uganda Plan was rejected by representatives of the Moshavot. During the First World War the building was used by the Turks as a military hospital and a mosque; after the war it returned to its purpose as a meeting place, and later it housed the first local elementary school.

The building was renovated in the 1990s, and its interior redesigned to accommodate modern museum exhibits, but the elements of its original facade have been preserved. Ted Arisohn supported the undertaking, dedicating the museum to his grandparents Moshe and Sara who were among the founders of Zichron Yaakov.
Open hours:
Monday to Thursday 9AM to 4PM (16:00)

Friday 9AM to 2PM (14:00)

Saturday and Sunday The museum is closed
For more information:
2 HaNadiv Street / PO Box 10
30900 Zichron Ya’akov, Israel
To arrange for guided tours, please contact us in advance.
Call us at +972 4 629-4777+972 4 629-4777 Fax: +972 4 629-4224
E-mail:  museum@zy1882.co.il
Connect with us on Facebook: Aliyah Museum

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